Shadows is the written/directorial debut for Frank. It is the story of a young man who enlists his thief brother to pull off an inside job.

Produced on a shoestring budget, it features a cast of: Kyle Dal Santo, Frank Menolascino, Matthew Gibson, William Goff, Jake Meyer, and Mason Absher. The story was conceptualized in May 2014. Pre-production lasted for one year, as locations were scouted and limited resources were worked out. Principal photography took place over 4 days and nights in May/June of 2015, on location in Illinois. Richie Vaia and John Preto handled assistant director duties, while Kyle Dal Santo manned the sound. Post production was completed in late July 2015.

The story was inspired by the battle humans face in shaping their own identity, as they attempt to carve out their own path in life.

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